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FACES By Miss Rubi TalaveraWhen January 1st comes along, what do you normally think of?

New Year’s Resolutions, of course, right?

Well, we emailed a few of our friends, and this is what they have to say:

From Markham’s Tess Fernandez, “I will stop shopping and also stop going to casinos ….”

From other friends who want to remain anonymous came different replies:

“I will stop eating junk food, and lose weight!”

“I will exercise some more, meaning going to the gym 3 times a week.”

“I will try harder to be nicer to my family, even when they really tick me off!”

“I will be more loving to my wife and pay more attention to my kids.”

“I would like to make more money this year by working harder.”

And so on and so forth.

And now they ask me, “what are your new year’s resolutions?”

Well, for starters, I want to devote more “ME” time…. To look after myself more… I have now realized that the happier I am about myself, the more happiness I can give to other people.

And this year, I promise to find love….yes, that elusive four letter word.

What is my dream man, you ask?

Someone special, of course.  Tall, meaning taller than my 5’3.  Smart, meaning as bright or smarter than me.  Nice, meaning sweet, understanding, patient, and yes, a romantic!!!!

Flowers, phone calls, for no reason at all, work all the time with me.

Must also like to golf, swim, travel and either play or like tennis, or squash or badminton or any racket sports. And oh, yes, dogs.  Must love dogs.

Must also be able to speak fluent English, spell perfectly and write good English grammar.

So you see my requirements aren’t all that difficult, eh?

What about you?  What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

If you have any special wish list, make sure you email me and I will include them in next month’s column.

This month, I am devoting my column to my world of real estate.  So you will probably see most of the top producing realtors celebrating with us.

And you will especially see my Richmond Hill friends.  Our FARH yearly countdown was a smashing success!

Happy New Year To All!  May you have love and peace, and prosperity.

FARH Members

Officers and Members of the Filipino Association of Richmond Hill (FARH) with their respective families gather together for a souvenir photo after toasting the coming of 2011 in a party held at the Masonic Hall in Richmond Hill last December 31, 2010. (Photo by TPC’s Miguel Caducio)


The beautiful gals, Elsa Hung, Tess Fernandez and Jean Todas, surround Courier's Rubi Talavera during a chica chica moment.  Their new year’s resolutions are to continue looking pretty this year.  A wise man once said, "beauty never fades".... so true!

Christmas Party 2010

Who says real estate agents are "all work and no play?"  Above are Filcrea's singing spouses, agents and mortgage brokers.

Christmas Party 2010

The young and old boys and macho network taken during Filcrea's Christmas Party at the Scarborough Bluffs, headed by Top Honcho Larry Bercasio (seated at extreme right).

Bennie Jose, Rubi Talavera & Larry Bercasio

Past and Present:  Rubi Talavera is flanked by Past Filcrea President, Benny Jose, (left) and Present Filcrea President, Larry Bercasio (right).

Ramon Cesar, Bennie Jose, Leizel Albano, Marilou Nejal, Victor Salazar and Rubi Talavera

Having fun as always are Filcrea partygoers, Ramon Cezar, Benny Jose, Liezel Albano, Malu Nejal, Rubi Talavera and Vic Salazar.  Upfront is Joyce Cuevas.

Realtors and Mortgage Brokers with Marilou Nejal

Having fun as always are Filcrea partygoers, Ramon Cezar, Benny Jose, Liezel Albano, Malu Nejal, Rubi Talavera and Vic Salazar.  Upfront is Joyce Cuevas.

Musical Chair

Musical Chairs were played out during the New Year's eve  countdown by the Filipino Association of Richmond Hill (FARH) members.

Vic Salazar and Faith Enriquez playing newspaper dance

A photo for blackmailing our good friend, Vic Salazar, who was so competitive in this Christmas game that he singlehandedly carried fellow game partner, Faith Enriquez.  (Not to worry, Cristy, ikaw pa rin ang number one!)

Toronto, Canada

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