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FACES By Miss Rubi TalaveraDid you ever think you were going to dislike something and then you try it, and wow, you like it after all?

That was how we felt about BOXING!

Gory pictures of boxers on TV, with blood oozing out of their thick lips scared us off boxing all our life.  Nope, not for us, we kept on saying.

So, when our good friend, mortgage broker, Joe Evangelista offered us a ticket to Casino Rama to watch the Marvelous Marvin Sonsana, we said thanks but no thanks.

But sabik sa gambling that we are, we said, sure, we'll go to Rama for an evening of blackjack and slots, why not, right?


Barely 20 minutes on the black jack table, we were wiped out clean.  Lost our shirt!

What do we do now? We asked ourselves.  Buti na lang, Joe hung on to our boxing ticket and did not give it away.

So, after the Noodle Bar soup which we shared with our other friend, Cynthia Caducio, and Sue Wong, we wanted a diversion.  Something to kill time with, so to speak!.

And since the only available form of entertainment was the boxing match, we reluctantly went to the arena.

Boy, amidst the glaring lights, and the loud music, we were pleasantly surprised.....We LOVED it!

We loved the excitement, the competition, the yelling.

Hey, we almost lost our voice from too much "Go get him!" and  "Kill him!".  Namalat na!

And at the end of it all, our very own, 19 year old, fighter, Marvin Sonsona was crowned Bantam Weight Boxing Champion.

So, now we can't wait for his return to Toronto.  November 21st daw.  Watch out, Casino Rama, here we come!


We're off to Europe this week.  First off is Paris.  Now, we've been there before.  Many many years ago, we toured England, crossed the English Channel, went to Belgium, France, Switzerland, then flew to Germany, Hungary, visited Portugal, especially Fatima.

And we enjoyed every minute of the European tour.

This time, we're flying to France for a couple of days, just to shop at Champs Elysees, then flying to Spain, where we embark on our Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona.

Nope, no boyfriends tagging along this time.  We're flying solo.

But we'll be joining our high school classmates, Inday and Vius Vergara on the 12 day cruise.  Aboard the Ruby Princess (isn't that so appropriate, same name as mois?), we ship out to Monte Carlo, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples, Mykonos, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Athens and then Venice.

From Venice we fly back home via Frankfurt, and then Chicago.... Watch out for pictures in the next issue of Glitters!  Will you recognize me?


This year, yes, we've done a lot of travelling.

Kinda making up for the last few years of not going anywhere...other than Hawaii, Hongkong, Bali.  And last April, one week in Cuba and then in May, ten days in Australia.

In late November, early December, this year, we are off to the Philippines.  This time to join our UP Prep high school reunion.  It's our 45th year anniversary and I can't wait to see my high school classmates.

Masaya ito!

On our 40th year, we had one in Subic Bay and that  weekend was really fantabulous!

This reunion coincides with the Ateneo reunion, I have been told.

But let’s see who’s going where?


To the newly elected officers and board of directors of the Filipino Canadian Real Estate Association or FILCREA for short:  President- elect, Jose Nolasco; VP Membership, Virgie Tigas; VP Public Relations, Rubi Talavera; VP Special Projects, Victor Salazar; VP Legal/Government/Constitution and By Laws, Benny Jose; Secretary, Dolores O’Brien; Treasurer, Emily Sy.

Directors elected were:  Jon Amante, Larry Bercasio, Clemente Cabillan, Romy Camacho, Ramon Cezar, Tony Arroyo, Evelyn Orjalo, Jess Cubos.


To October celebrants:  Anna Ibarra, and Dolly Patricio.  And belated happy birthday wishes to Miguel Caducio, and Mon Datol, and Cynthia Enriquez.


To our dearest friend and high school classmate, Dr. Norman Cruz, of Stratford, and his wonderful daughters, Cristina, Cathy and Cherry, our deepest sympathy and prayers on the loss of Dr. Dora Cruz, wife and mother.  We will miss her too!


BAPTISM: Baby Nathaniel Sibio was baptized recently and proud parents, Tony (left) and Hazel showed him off.  At extreme right is Ninang Rubi Talavera.

Niagara Trip

NIAGARA TRIP: Taking a much needed summer break from the hot Toronto weather are Irene Eraldo (extreme right) and her friends: Victoria, Abby, Beth, and Jessica; photo taken at Niagara Falls recently.

The Hunks

THE HUNKS: Filcrea Boys taking a bow at the recent general membership meeting and elections held at the Holiday Inn in Scarborough recently.  From right to left:  Romy Camacho, Joe Evangelista, Jose Nolasco, Benny Jose, Tony Arroyo and Ramon Cezar.

Boxing Fans

BOXING FANS: Posing at Rumble at Rama are Joe Evangelista and Rubi Talavera.

Big Boss Frank

BIG BOSS FRANK: Remax West Broker-Owner, Frank Colatosdi, seated left  of Rubi Talavera, treated everyone to a wonderful magical Bistro night where drinks were on the house and conversation was flowing.  Thanks, Frank!

Top Lawyer

TOP LAWYER: Real Estate Lawyer, Tony Villarin, treats Remax West real estate agents Benny Jose, Rubi Talavera and Rey Maestrado, to a sumptuous lunch after being appointed as Remax in house lawyer.

Toronto, Canada

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