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The Game Of My Life by Bill Velasco

Sports that should be on TV

Written by Bill Velasco Friday, 07 January 2011 00:00

The Game of My Life By Bill VelascoThere are many new developments in audience profile, technology and advertising that have made the television market ripe for new sports to get live (or taped as live) coverage. Just this week, the PBA’s team owners discussed the future of their own television broadcast.

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A football renaissance

Written by Bill Velasco Tuesday, 29 September 2009 00:00

The Game of My Life By Bill VelascoBelieve it or not, Asian football was born in the Philippines, modestly, and grew steadily until about the 1950s. Though it is still the most popular sport in the world, and the most-played sport for most children worldwide until about the age of 12, soccer has been relegated to the shadows in an age of instant gratification.

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