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Ellen Tordesillas

Please, not Domingo Lee to China

Ellen TordesillasThese appointments will improve the ratio of career ambassadors to political ambassadors. This points to a more professional foreign service.’

EARLY this week, President Aquino signed the appointment of 17 career ambassadors to different foreign posts.

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What was the quid for the drug mules’ quo?

Monday, 07 February 2011 00:00

Ellen TordesillasBinay said there were no concessions or promises. We really hope so that the interest of more than 90 million Filipinos is not put in jeopardy to save the lives of three drug traffickers.’

SPRATLYS in exchange for freedom of drug mules?

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Garcia’s letter

Friday, 07 January 2011 00:00

Ellen TordesillasI don’t know if retired Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia will confirm this if asked in a Senate hearing but I learned that when he was in detention, he wrote a letter addressed to three persons detailing his version of the multi-million (even billion) mess in the military that he was embroiled in.

The letters, I learned, were placed in the safekeeping of those three persons with the instruction that in case something happens to him, the contents of the letter would be divulged.

This should give sleepless nights to all those involved in grand theft of the money intended for the soldiers, who lay down their lives, for the country’s peace, stability and security and for the upgrading of military equipment, that have become a laughing stock in the region.

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Defending democracy

Tuesday, 29 September 2009 00:00

Ellen Tordesillas"Lim said he would love to tell the court what Esperon did not say during his testimony.’"

‘Defending democracy’

HOW is democracy defended?

I caught up with what happened during the court martial hearing of the 28 officers accused of mutiny for something that did not happen on February 2006 through a VERA Files video report.

I missed the hearing that I have been following for the three years because I was in Cebu for a sharing session with Cebu journalists on the 2010 elections.

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Toronto, Canada

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