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The FILIPINO INVENTORS SOCIETY is the Singular Greatest Collection of the Philippines’ Most Precious Natural Resource -- NEEDING SUPPORT

Inventor's Forum By Martin ParagosoSome sectors blamed the government for driving Filipino inventors away from the country. At least four cases were cited for this, namely:

Ben Santos, the inventor of the "zero oil waste recycling" was allegedly subjected to interrogation by the Economic Intelligence and Investigation Bureau (EIIB) for alleged economic sabotage.

Rudy Arambulo, the inventor of multi-shock bullet has failed to convince the national police and the military to purchase his product.

Johnson Fong, who has re-engineered carbonless paper, had to export his product first, re-label it and bring it back to the Philippines as an import in order to be accepted in the country.

Roberto del Rosario, the inventor of sing-along system, had to fight for his right over the karaoke system which most Filipinos think was a Japanese invention. The Philippines was reportedly the second largest market of karaoke, yet del Rosario did not receive his due share.

"This is our colonial mentality at work. This reflects how little faith we have in ourselves. We are indeed our own worst enemies. Others may shoot themselves in the foot. We like to chop our own heads in the most unusual way possible," a Copa official said. (Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer)

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The FILIPINO INVENTORS SOCIETY, INC. – Everything Filipinos have to know about it.


The generation, production and full-scale marketing of Philippine inventions and technologies to help attain the industrial and economic prosperity of the nation.


A patriotic, dedicated and committed national organization of Filipino inventors, innovators, researchers, technologists and scientists responsive to the needs and concerns of its members, community and country.


The Filipino Inventors Society (FIS) is a duly registered non-government organization of Filipino inventors who hold patents to their works here or abroad. Its membership is widened to accommodate professionals and entrepreneurs who espouse its cause to develop the country’s indigenous technology and inventions.

Organized on October 14, 1943 during World War II and the Japanese occupation, by Teo Purugganan, Pastor Reyes-Torres and Dalmacio Buenaventura, its first President Manuel G. Goyena was elected at the Bureau of Science Building in the City of Manila. These men were full-blooded nationalists who had a burning dream and consuming vision of self-governance and self-reliance.


Reorganized after the war with 39 members and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 21, 1953 by its new President Sergio Bayan. Its subsequent Presidents were Tomas Parpana, Dr. Gregorio Zara, Basilio Espiritu, Gonzalo Catan, Jr., Sofronio Sian, Roberto del Rosario, Jose Concepcion, Victor Korionoff, Jr., Ricardo Palma and Manuel Corleto (Interim), Orlando F. Marquez, Sr., Bormeo G. Modanza, Edgardo Vazquez, Francisco Oral Pagayon, Dante V. Liban and Rolando B. Gonzalo, the current National President. Past National Chairmen of the Board were Jose Ma. Concepcion,  Atty. Roberto S. Salido, Cesar C. Sanvictores, Bormeo G. Modanza and Ma.Carlita Rex-Doran.

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Like the unsung heroes that they are, it may come as an eye-opening surprise to most that Filipino inventors are far more prolific and their inventions much more noteworthy than generally perceived. Very many may find the following information quite astounding:

Moon BuggyEDUARDO SAN JUAN, through whose ingenuity the amazing 4-wheel drive “moon buggy” was designed in collaboration with General Motors and Boeing and became the first terrestrial vehicle that landed on the moon. Subsequent planetary exploration machines may take up after this buggy which has proven itself to be “space-worthy”. A special print issue of a Philippine postage stamp commemorated the event and honored the inventor during the celebration of the golden foundation anni-versary (50th year) of the Filipino Inventors Society in 1993.

MAGGIE VILLARUZ, her invention of an agricultural implement dubbed as “turtle” or “floating tiller” was popularized by the International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños Laguna. Another print issue of Philippine postage stamp commemorated the invention and honored the inventor during the celebration of the golden foundation anniversary (50th year) of the Filipino Inventors Society in 1993.

AGAPITO FLORES, whose fluorescent lamp was said to have been presented to the then President of his time who was not so impressed. However, a visitor from General Electric was attracted to the flickering tube and invited Flores and his family to the USA. (However, this unverified claim has been made controversial by a similar claim by another Filipino inventor. In which ever case, it is generally believed that the invention can incontestably be chalked up to the Filipino scoreboard)

FELIPE G. ODULIO, a prolific mechanical engineer having a strong background in industrial electronics, patented, among his many other remarkable designs and inventions, a computer logic circuit in the early sixties. Were it not for lack of financial backing, he would have been able to develop it to be first Filipino computer very much ahead of American Bill Gates and others.

DR. ARGUELLES, for his invention of an anti-biotic called “Eloson”

DR. FE DEL MUNDO, for her baby incubator.

DR. JUAN SALCEDO, for his tiki-tiki out of rice bran.

MA. CARLITA REX-DORAN was first to convert liquid alcohol into solidified cooking fuel called “Siroca Solid Alco Fuel” for which she won National Inventors Week major awards in the chemical category.

ERLINDA CASTRO SANQUI - WOMAN INVENTOR OF THE YEAR 1990 DOST Annual Technology Fair and National Inventors Week. Inventions: Fruit Cake Filipina and Rita Ritz Pito-Pito Herbal Tea.

MARGARITA CENTENO - World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) GOLD MEDALIST YOUNG INVENTOR OF THE YEAR. Invention: “MARWOOD” transformation of waste materials

ARMENGOL G. DATOR - Twice NIW AWARDEE FOR INVENTION EXCELLENCE Inventions: cardiac rehabilitation machine, street sweeping device, “Bunot” (floor polisher) exerciser, and a police nightstick.

SIMPLICIO CAPULE (deceased) - His Super Baby Oven LPGas fired, convection type and the Capule Rotary Oven have revolutionized the baking industry of the Philippines by promoting modern scientific baking businesses using minimal space and capital outlay. Ubiquitous Hot Pandesal booths mushroomed at almost every street corner in towns and cities all over the country. Simplicio is survived by his son Eduardo, who took up after his father in productive inventing.

ALFREDO M. ANOS, SR., (deceased) - Self-educated, highly prolific savant laureate-genius proclaimed “godfather” of Filipino inventors. Expertise: mechanical and electrical engineering, agricultural, industrial and medical equipment designing, as well as electronics and acoustics sciences. Founder of Anos Research, current producer of “Penetrator” Firetrucks by his enterprising heirs.

For further inquiries, please write or call Martin Paragoso:

2ND Flr. Caley, Bldg., N. Domingo St., City of San Juan, Philippines

(63)722-8533 / (63)727-9808 mobile phone 0919-2812816

Toronto, Canada

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