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Stars of the Month

February 2011

Monday, 07 February 2011 00:00

Stars of the Month

Christine manalastas

To receive the Dramatic Arts Award in school is something to reckon with, not only for her talent in theatre and drama but her extraordinary spirit to support and help those in need gave her self-fulfillment and great pride in being a part of a worthy mission.

Her involvement with “We Are”, a group connected to a well known organization called Free the Children, Christine and friends helped raised money through fundraising events and send all monies to the unfortunate children in other countries.

But what caught my eye when I met this talented girl was her sweet, vocal voice.  I will not be surprised if she will be part of teenage pop music wave going around Toronto.  Her parents, Leodegario and Zenaida Manalastas are simply taking things slow and easy but are keen on focusing on developing Christine’s musical talent and career.

They surely take pride having this very talented daughter and one day, hopefully, will become a well-known entertainer not only in drama but in music as well.

“I enjoy performing skits and dramas for audiences,” Christine said, adding: “but singing to entertain people is my love.”

Graduating from St. Gabriel Lalement Catholic Elementary School in 2010, she is now dedicating her time in obtaining her High School Diploma with flying colors.

At a tender age, Christine knew what she wanted as a child.  She started listening and singing her favorite songs and performing musical numbers of her singing idols.  With support from her family and friends, she was invited to appear and perform at various community events, parties, and concerts held in Toronto and GTA.

She is a true talent indeed, I am proud to say one of the best vocals in the community today.  She deserved to be worthy of all praises and accolades.  Move over Lady Gaga, Christine is ready to take over!!!!!

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